About the project

Project is a complex cultural education (film and photography) for Polish and Norwegian in the age of 16-60 (Aprli 2014- April 2016). Project is getting know, documentation (study visits, workshops) and presentation (exhibitions, film presentation) the history of cultural changes in both countries. The example of Wielkopolska shows how towns of 3 cultures (Polish, German and Jewish) changed into monoculture ones and how Oslo changes into multicultural city

To show the link between culture of both counties in both films and photography there will be use of history coming from Jarocin family of Jan Garbarek – Norwegian jazzman and stories of polish artists (film makers and photographers engaged in project) working and living in Norway.

The effects of workshops will be presented in numerous places in Norway and Poland as a serious of exhibition and film projections (Retrospectives of Polish and Norwegian film).