Philosophy of photography master classes

Eight Norwegians and eight Poles, Tomasz Tomaszewski and Arkadiusz Gola – polish well know photographers as tutors, 16 stories about music festival in Jarocin and about Silesia. This incredible meeting of people and inspirations will happen during 7 days’ photo workshops – part of “Norwegian-Polish Film and Photography Academy”.

„The world is unpredictable. Each and every day many worth remembering things happens”

– says Tomasz Tomaszewski, internationally  awarded photographer, who for more than 25 years works for “National Geographic”. Tomaszewski wants to present  his philosophy of photography to  photo-amateurs.  During seven-days’  workshops of “Norwegian-Polish Academy of Film and Photography” 16 people from Polish and Norwegian will tell their stories with images of  Jarocin and Silesia in the background.

The workshop will take place from 16th to  22nd of  July. For the first five days participants, working with  Tomasz Tomaszewski, will write their photographic stories of Jarocin festival. Photographer  of “National Geographic” will not teach shooting techniques, but  the philosophy of picture. The effect of workshops are to be 16  photo stories –with the beginning, middle part and the  end.  Mayor part of the workshops will be held during the Jarocin Festival and as Tomaszewski says:

“it is all about awaking curiosity, interest, showing original thinking – not rock stars on the stage”.

fot. Tomasz Tomaszewski

fot. Tomasz Tomaszewski











21st and 22nd of July – whose are Silesian days  in Ruda Śląska with Arkadiusz Gola- photo-reporter, who is interested in documentation of world around him. He shows the changes that happened in the society of Silesia after the 1989 (communism collapse). He finds  places connected with the post-industrial architecture and shows them in a completely new light.

If you are interested in getting know philosophy of Tomasz Tomaszewski and seen exceptional beauty of Silesia, join our workshops. You can apply till 23 of June 2014. More detail on the website:

Cost of 5 days in Jarocin and 2 in Silesia is to 1250 PLN (2500 NOK) and covers all the cost of workshops, food and accommodation and transfer between Jarocin and Ruda Śląska (Silesia).

Project is supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants and co-financed by the Polish funds within the frame of Promotion Of Diversity In Culture And Arts Within European Cultural Heritage programme. Project is supported by Gmina Jarocin and Powiat Jarocinski.


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