16 enthusiasts under the care of masters

DSCN994016 persons from Poland and Norway take part in the Norwegian-Polish Academy of Film and Photography organized in Jarocin and Upper Silesia by the Association Jarocin XXI. The workshop will begin in a few days.

 16 participants – eight from Poland (including two from Jarocin) and eight from Norway –  during the whole week will be exploring the secrets of the professional photography. Tomasz Tomaszewski and Arkadiusz Gola will be their guides to the world of the pictures. Tomaszewski – Polish press photographer, who has worked with National Geographic since 20 years – will take care of the participants during the workshops in Jarocin. He points up that while working together he will not be the teacher of the shooting techniques but he will rather explain the philosophy of photography. As a result of this work, each person involved in the Norwegian-Polish Academy of Film and Photography will perpetuate in the images its own history – with a beginning, the middle and the end. Each history will also gain a narrative created commonly by Polish and Norwegian students and their teacher. The Academy will be operating during the Jarocin Festival.

The participants of the workshops will see the oldest rock festival in Poland, but their attention will not be concentrated on all the stars appearing on the stage but on everything that is going on around the Festival. – It is all about the transfer of the intriguing, interesting and original thoughts – says Tomasz Tomaszewski.

After five days in Jarocin the students of the Norwegian-Polish Academy of Film and Photography will move to Upper Silesia to spend there the last two days of the workshops. In this place Arkadiusz Gola – another master of photography – will take care of the participants of the workshops. Gola is a Polish documentary and press photographer who is mainly interested in recording the changes that have taken place in the society of Upper Silesia after 1989.

The professionalism of workshops arises from well-known teachers respected in the world of photography and – in addition – from the number of the practical classes in which students of Norwegian-Polish Academy of Film and Photography will participate. During seven days of the workshops they will be spending about eight hours a day with a camera in their hands. Every day the ending shots will be discussed. What is more, each person must be equipped with his or her own professional equipment to perform and processing photographs. There will be also some theoretical classes. Organizers of the Academy have invited Walter Chełstowski, the “father” of Jarocin Festival and they have projected common watching the “Beats of Freedom” – documentary film about the history of Polish rock music and the Jarocin Festival on the background of Polish history since the sixties of the XX century to the turn of 1989. In Upper Silesia the participants of the workshops – during the learning of the art of shooting – will visit Zabrze, Ruda Slaska and Katowice. There, as in the case of Jarocin, the lessons of history also will not be missed. Students of Norwegian-Polish Academy of Film and Photography will learn what changes have occurred in Upper Silesia from the period of PRL to nowadays.

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