First impressions about workshops

Here comes Damian

I came to the workshops with an open mind and I had no particular expectations. The prospect of contact with Tomasz Tomaszewski, the living legend of photography, was enough for me to make a decision about participation in the workshops – it was something I’ve been waiting many years for. During few days we have done a lot of work with the camera, we conducted long discussions on the images, and many more. The atmosphere was simply magical and you just can not describe it.

It is worth noting that in one place I have never seen so many people being crazy about the photography. It was like a visit in a psychiatric ward designed for photo freaks! The part of workshops taking place in Jarocin was a great introduction to the Silesian part. Thanks to good preparation by Mr. Tomaszewski and thanks to the guidance of Arkadiusz Gola (our Silesian teachers) we knew how to reach the confidence of the distrustful habitants of workers’ districts in Zabrze and surrounding areas. The amazing shots were the result of it. Besides, the additional value has appeared: the relationship between the participants of workshops, which I think will result in the further common projects.

In conclusion, during these few days I have experienced many positive emotions, I have gain a lot of new knowledge, I met great people and I reassured myself that the photography is my way of life and nothing can change that.

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