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Asia Chmura:

The workshop was a great and very inspiring experience, we could wonder about what exactly we are looking for in our work. I have learned also to look for something special, even if someone else would not strictly understand it. The possibility to use the experience of such phenomenal photographer like Mr. Tomasz Tomaszewski and to listen both his advice and criticism, was the great advantage. Unfortunately, we had less time to work with Mr. Arkadiusz Gola, but he and his classes have been also memorable for me and they have resulted in the next ideas. I am also glad that I met a lot of interesting, positive people sharing my passion.

My expectations can be regarded as fulfilled. Before workshop I expected to refresh my view and my ideas, and I was very openly when it comes to the rest.


Zbigniew Zontek:

When I arrived to participate in the photography workshops I had high expectations to them, if only because of the training instructors. These expectations in most came true and my impression of the workshop was very positive. Classes was very interesting and we, as the participants, has also received from the teachers many valuable clues for the successful pictures. I had the opportunity to meet interesting people and a lot of talks and expert’s advice have helped me in gaining valuable knowledge. Workshops have definitely changed my perspective on photography. It showed me that shooting interesting and varied way is possible.



I’m home again and headed out of an intense photo bubble we lived in in Poland. I’ve never attending a photo workshop before so I did not quite know what to expect. I joined at the very end so I did not have much time to get any expectations either. Or prepare myself.

I went with an open mind and thought there had to be something to learn during 8 days 🙂 -but, that I was going to meet new people, learn more about Poland and especially more about photography. That was something I expected. One of my greatest experiences from Poland has been that there are so insanely much more to learn about photo. I also learned that there is a big difference between cultures in relation to how to start a workshop and how to establish confidence in a group that don’t know each other. I wished we had done a round of presentations at the beginning. Since most of polish people have a name they use and a officially name I think that a list with nicknames and picture had been very useful. A common language for the lectures could have been a great idea too.

As I mentioned above, this was my first photo workshop, but it will not be the last. The outcome I came home with was more awareness in relation to photo subject. More conscious approach and sharpen my knowledge and my art language. Both in photography and in fine art.

And one day after I got home, I sent one image from Jarocin to a gallery owner in Berlin. He accepted it and in September I will attend an exhibition in that city. Two photos and two fine art.

Summa summarum: my best trip to Poland. Thank you 🙂



I arrived to the workshop convinced that I would meet Tomasz Tomaszewski and Arkadiusz Gola (two photographers, about whom I have read on the Internet) and I would find out something new about photography. I did not know, however, what this “something new” means – until we have started the first classes with Tomaszewski. Then, it occurred to me what is the “philosophy of the shooting”, mentioned in the description of the workshop. We have done a lot of pictures during those few days and, under the guidance of experienced photographers, we have learned how to see, not just to look. We have learn how to photograph the strangers: on the streets of Jarocin, during the Jarocin Festival and also on the Silesia workers district. Our teachers have served us an example of how to make contact with people who we want to capture in the pictures.

The workshop was very intense. We used to work from 8 o’clock in the morning until late in the evening or even until the night. Despite this, the participants of the workshop have not seemed to be tired. We have created a harmonious group of people and we have been glad about the common work.

I have gained a lot of knowledge during the workshop and this knowledge let me develop my hobby. So far I have focused on the shooting form and I have never done the pictures of people on the streets before. Now I try to make the content of the pictures more important than the form and I do not feel terrified of approaching people to do the pictures of them.




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