„Photo Industriada – Silesia in the camera” mobile exhibition tour has ended

In 2015, an exhibition including the works of amateur photographers from Polish and Norway, who had been learning about life, work and history of Upper Silesia under the professional artistic supervision of Arkadiusz Gola, won the recognition of visitors in various parts of the Poland. 


Pictures showing the places connected once with the Silesian heavy industry, were made during the workshops Norwegian-Polish Academy of Film and Photography in July 2014. Participants made picture stories about the places and people of Upper Silesia that created a unique, intimate portrait of this region.

The exhibition, prepared on the basis of the best works of each participant, in the first quarter of 2015 years was presented at the ECHO Cinema in Jarocin, where it was seen by around two thousand people.

Then, in July 2015, the pictures were transported to Radom. There, in a newly remodeled foyer of the HELIOS Cinem, “Photo Industriada” exhibition has been saw by the guests of the 8. National Film Meetings “KAMERALNE LATO”, including many renowned personalities from the film industry.

In October 2015, the exhibition was presented at the WAMA Film Festival in Olsztyn – an international festival, whose main theme is multiculturalism. The exhibition has gained recognition not only of the residents but also many foreign guests.

Photographic works of the Norwegian-Polish Academy of Film and Photography participants were also presented at several prestigious venues located in Warsaw. Culture Incubator – young cultural institution located in the city center, hosted an exhibition during many organized events. Photographs were also at the Culture and Science Palace – at the 14th edition of the CINEMAFORUM – International Independent Film Festival, where they formed the material for analysis and artistic inspiration for students of Polish-German Photography Workshops “Focus on the Palace”.

After the end of a touring cycle, exhibition ennobled post-industrial spaces in  the Warsaw Soho Factory – where perfectly completed the rough aesthetics of architecture, bringing there sentimental atmosphere of the Upper Silesia.


Project is supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway trought the EEA Grants an co-financed by the Polish funds within the frame of Promotion of Diversity in Culture and Arts Within European Cultural Heritage programme. Project is cofinanced by the Gmina Jarocin and the Polish Film Institute. 

Organizers: JAROCIN XXI Association with Norwegian and Polish partners:

FILMFORUM Media Association, Deichmanske Bibliotek, Den Polske Klubben for Fotografi og Turisme, Barneog Ungdomssenteret pa Holmlia AS, IN-NI Association.


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