I. Basic information:

Film Workshops (hereinafter called „Workshops”) are an event of the Norwegian-Polish Film and Photography Academy.

The Norwegian-Polish Academy of Film and Photography (hereinafter called „Academy”) is complex education and cultural program. The main objective of the Academy is presentation of Polish culture in Norway and Norwegian culture in Poland. Project is supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway trought the EEA Grants an co-financed by the Polish funds within the frame of Promotion of Diversity in Culture and Arts Within European Cultural Heritage programme. Project is cofinanced by the Gmina Jarocin and the Polish Film Institute.

The goals of the Academy are:
• cultural education and transferring to the recipients concrete abilities in the area of film and photography, as effective tools for supporting the development of intercultural dialogue;
• cultural activation of young generation in Poland and Norway;
• realization mutual Polish-Norwegian artistic activities, accomplished in modern form with using innovative tools and technologies;
• rising general understanding for cultural diversity and strengthening of intercultural dialogue;
• strengthening bilateral relations between the partners of Polish and Norway, and their mutual exchange of experiences.

All copyrights to form of the Academy (full name: Norwegian-Polish Academy of Film and Photography) are mutual and unique concept belonging to the „Jarocin XXI” Association and the „FILMFORUM” Association, hereinafter called Organizers.

To oversee works of substantive and organizational issues related to realization of the Academy, Organizers call the Organizing Committee consists of:
1. representative of the „Jarocin XXI” Association,
2. representative of the „FILMFORUM” Association,
3. representative of the „IN-NI” Association,
4. representative of the „Polish Photography And Tourism Club in Norway” Association,
5. representative of the Deichmanske Bibliotek in Oslo,
6. representative of the Culture Centre Holmlia in Oslo,
7. other persons called by Organizers because of their important contribution in the works related to the preparation of the Academy.

The Organizers invites to co-organize Academy other governmental, social and private organizations which intend to give material or financial support for preparation and realization of the Academy.

Academy’s Management is responsible for all matters reated to preparation and realisation of the Academy. Management is appointed by the Organising Committee, and has a decisive voice in issues not covered by the rules or requiring additional interpretation.

In case of issues not covered by this Regulations, shall be used laws of the Civil Code, Copyrights Act or other generally applicable laws.

II. Rules of participation in Workshops:

Workshops are an open film educational event. Rules of the participation in Workshops are defined exclusively in these Regulations. All promotional materials are used only as the advertising matters.

1. Workshops will consist of two program modules and will be held at the following term:

date and place: 17th – 23th August 2015, Oslo;

date and place: 26th – 30th September 2015, Jarocin.

2. MODULE 1 and MODULE 2 are compact, integral and complex educational program, consists of particular steps of the filmmaking.
3. Lecture language of Workshops will be English.

To participation in Workshops could apply every person of age (hereinafter called the Participant), who will deliver to the Organizers the APPLICATION FORM (available on the official website of the Academy: with following documents in English:
1. motivation letter;
2. an idea for a short film (fiction or documentary), according to the artistic Academy assumptions indicated in §22 of these Regulations.

In exceptional cases the Organizers may accept underage persons to participation in Workshops. In case of underage person the APPLICATION FORM shall be filled and signed by parents or legal guardians.

Correctly filled APPLICATION FORM, the motivation letter and an idea for a short film script should be sent no later than 30th June 2015 (the postmark is decisive) to the address:

FILMFORUM Association
ul. Minska 25 – bud. 8,
03-808 Warsaw, Poland
(Soho Factory)
with the postscript „FILM ACADEMY 2015”

The Participant shall confirm an application by sending to the Oganizers filled APPLICATION FORM in electronic version (format: WORD / PDF), until 30th June 2015, to the e-mail address: Subject of the e-mail shall be: “APPLICATION – FILM ACADEMY”.

The Organizers do not take responcibility for the APPLICATION FORMS which will be not delivered, or will be delivered with delay, for the reasons being beyond control (for excample delay caused by companies responsible for mail delivery).

The Participant takes full responsibility for compliance with the truth of data included at the APPLICATION FORM. Taking false, unreadable, incomplete data or not entering them at all, causing exclusion from participation in Workshops.

Number of places in the Workshops is limited, about accepting an application decides written confirmation received from the Organizers. Qualification of the Participants will be realized by the Organizing Committee on the basis of the documents specified in § 11.

Information about the results of qualification process will be available by telephone after 10th July 2015 and also will be published on the website (

The accreditation fee shall amount: 1.400 PLN gross (Participants from Poland) or 2.800 NOK gross (Participants from Norway) and provides:

1. flight between Poland-Norway, Norway-Poland,

2. accommodation (17th-23th August 2015 and 26th-30th September 2015),

3. the participation in all events included in the program,

4. catering (2 meals per day).

The Organizers do not return accreditation fee paid by the Participant. The Organizers may request to the Participant accreditation fee if it receives a reasonable misfortune of fate request in writing until 31 July 2015. Later requests will not be considered.

Accreditation fee for participation in Workshops shall be paid until 15th July 2015 to the following bank account:

Account’s name: Stowarzyszenie Jarocin XXI,
ul. Golebia 1, 63-200 Jarocin

Bank’s name: Bank Spoldzielczy w Jarocinie
Account numer (IBAN): PL73842700090020005120000001

with the note in transfer’s title: „Norwegian-Polish Academy of Film and Photography”
III. Academy’s artistic guidelines:

1. The idea for a short film (fiction or documentary), which delivering is a condition to participate in the Academy, should hover around topics related to widely understood multiculturalism, where the main aim is promoting the values associated with the coexistence of different ethnic, social or religious groups.
2. Subjects preferred by the Organizers shall be related to the following matters:
a. existing of entity in the modern world,
b. social changes,
c. life’s quality,
d. globalization,
e. folklore and regionalism,
f. economy and politics.
3. It should be noted that all the issues listed above should be reflected in an attractive form (convertible into film) and also should touch authentic emotions and present multi-dimensional characters.

Any effects of artistic activity realized in the Academy belong into the public domain and can be used without any restrictions by the Organizers and the Participants, on condition of their artistic and formal non-infringement.

The Participant agrees to using and promoting by the Organizers the results of the artistic works, implemented within Workshops, by placing a portfolio, jingle or other audiovisual work (including the entire film made during the Workshops), promoting the mission and educational goals of the Academy in the TV and radio stations , DVD publications and Internet web.
IV. Order remarks:

Applying to Workshops means unconditional agreement for these Regulations.

The Participant has the right and duty to participate in all classes (lectures, workshops, practical exercises and accompanying events) included in the program of Workshops.

The Participant agrees to the processing of personal data and its presentation for the purposes of recruitment process and participation in the Academy (according to the Polish Act of 29 August 1997. about personal data protection, Journal of Laws no. 133 position. 833).

Information such as an address, phone number, e-mail shall be used for the purposes of the organization of the Academy and will be known by the Organizers only.

The Participants should inform the Organizers about their departures out of the accommodation place after 22:00. All of Participants are also obligated by the internal rules of objects where Workshops will be realized.
V. Additional information:

Detailed information about the Academy is provided by the Organisation Office:

„FILMFORUM” Association
ul. Minska 25 – bud. 8, 03-808 Warsaw, Poland
tel.: +48 22 392 03 22
tel.: +48 22 392 03 21

„JAROCIN XXI” Association
ul. Golebia 1, 63-200 Jarocin, Poland
tel.: + 48 62 747 11 19,

These Rules and Regulations are available on the website: