The project is the result of previous activities of JAROCIN XXI and people from Oslo: photographers Michał Wasążnik (exhibitions and publications done in Poland), Paweł Arczewskim (cooperation on the film workshops in Jarocin) and the Polish Club of Photography and the Tourist in Oslo (photo exhibition in Jarocin), teacher of film art in Oslo school Marcel Kraft (participant of film festivals in Polish).

Working on previous projects the idea came to show the Poles multicultural Norway, a country associated in Poland only with pure Scandinavian culture. The project tries to focus on consequence of historical events (such as World War II) and state immigration policy. Due to those Norway has become a multicultural (culture of different peoples coexist, intermingle, combine). The income to that multiculture give also people from Polish (jazz musician Jan Garbarek, Michał Wasążnik photographers, filmmakers Marcel Kraft and Igor Devold). However, what is surprising Pole in Norway – multiculturalism – is also present in the history of Polish cities and towns (including Jarocin). Here we can find traces of the Jewish population and culture, numerous places associated with Germans, the settlement of Dutch. Polish people do not see that, due to the Communism regime and historical lies from that period. Now there are conditions to document this, remind and explore. The project will educate on multicultural history of Jarocin and other towns in Wielkopolska and will give workshop participants (learning activities) storytelling skills in the language of film and photography. Using this mean of communication (film, photography, new technologies) there will be a easy way to get to the young people. At the same time project is a part of intercultural dialogue.