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Text zipped epub PGC #597 The Strange Countess (1925) Mystery novel. But this housemaid is connected to our hero more closely than he thinks: like himself, she had been in England and served in the military, as a Wren Wikipedia. (1913) A novel with a difference. Wikipedia (in Danish) My Little Boy (1899 Danish original ( Min lille Dreng 1906 this translation; 1935 Alexander Woollcott's afterword) The author's charming, sincere, and interesting observations of the daily events of his son's earliest years. His wife suggests they go to Europe, which they do, with unexpected consequences. Html html zipped Text Text zipped UTF-8 Text UTF-8 Text zipped PGC #891 Scadding, Henry (1813-1901) Canadian priest and historian Wikipedia Dictionary of Canadian Biography Toronto of Old (1873) A marvellously interesting book, accurately described by its famous author as "collections. But a long and perilous journey awaits the two travellers. Somerset maugham IS ONE OF OUR favourite authors AT project gutenberg canada - AND HIS short stories ARE part OF THE reason! Html html zipped Text Text zipped epub PGC #1551 2018/07/14: OUR third science fiction story BY john russell fearn! Org Concerning the Eccentricities of Cardinal Pirelli (1926) Novella about the startling behaviour of a Cardinal who, it would appear, has little interest in being (1) celibate, or (2) heterosexual. "I never attached any great importance to it and it has surprised me to learn that in the Latin countries and in the Near East it has been one of the most popular of my books. The August 1916 original version was a three-part serialization in All-Story Weekly.) html html zipped Text Text zipped epub PGC #1561 Stitch, Wilhelmina Collie, Ruth (ca. Elmer "Doc" (1890-1965) American chemist and science fiction author Wikipedia The Imperial Stars (May 1964) Science fiction novella. ) html html zipped Text Text zipped Ségur, Sophie de (1799-1874) French children's author Wikipedia with: Sterrett, Virginia Frances (1900-1931) American illustrator m Old French Fairy Tales (1857 French original 1920 this translation) Fairy tales: a translation by an unknown. Html html zipped Text Text zipped epub PGC #1412 2017/03/13: OUR ninth book BY anna buchan iine novel OF domestic life, SET IN scotland. Presidential inauguration (exactly ONE year AGO! Html html zipped Text Text zipped epub PGC #1456 Skylark DuQuesne (1966) Wikipedia The fourth and final novel in Smith's Skylark tetralogy, written years later than the three earlier novels - in fact, it was Smith's final novel.

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Science Wonder Stories, who first published the story, described it as "perhaps the greatest short science fiction story of the year." And who would disagree with them? Macmillan Wikipedia, de la Roche's cousin, and a central figure in the history of British Columbia's forest industry, appears to have inspired the novel! Passengers on a Zeppelin-type airship are travelling from Britain to the.S. IS HE UP TO THE JOB? People are concerned; the police are concerned. If Earth were to receive a visitor from another world, that visitor might not particularly resemble mankind, and might find our customs curious. But retiring from sleuthing is not so easy, as he discovers on what was supposed to be a holiday to remote and beautiful Exmoor Wikipedia.

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Hint: THE novel inspirelassic movie! The novel draws on Waugh's own experience as a war correspondent: "I had no talent for this work he writes in his 1964 preface, "but I joyfully studied the eccentricities and excesses of my colleagues. Html html zipped Text Text zipped epub PGC #1382 2016/12/09: A late masterpiece BY sinclair lewis! Ritter Zolling's German translation Der Fächer served as the basis for this translation into English by Helen Zimmern (1846-1934) Wikipedia. "Equal parts of Maryland, young lovers, and a murder mystery make this literary julep remarks The Bookman (August 1923). But Miss Pickerell would have been most interested to learn that today some countries are phasing out nuclear power: solar power would have fascinated her! Promenades dans le golfe Saint-Laurent: une partie de la Côte Nord, l'île aux Oeufs, l'Anticosti, l'île Saint-Paul, l'archipel de la Madeleine (1887) Récit de voyage html et Texte Faulkner, William (1897-1962) American novelist; Nobel Prize in Literature, 1949 Wikipedia Nobelprize. Joseph Bindle has lost his job and has fallen on hard times, but he and Mrs.

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