– Cinema Echo in Jarocin Running- complex modernization of the infrastructure, numerous film projects with national and international scope (incl. education for children, youth and adults; meetings with film makers and artists , workshops and lectures)

– theatre projects – presentation of the best theatre play of each season; cooperation with t theatres from the country; theatre education for youth and adults (there are 2 theatre groups in Association)

– art project- exhibitions, painting workshops (for children and adults)

– cooperation with other NGOs and cultural institutions (Library: meeting with writers, Theatrical Institute: Poland Theatre, local Music Association: concerts production)

– support of volunteering –project work with volunteers , which build and institutional potential


Deichmanske Bibliotek Majorsteun branch has plenty of experience with different types of cultural projects. It has a own small ciname (50 audiences) – where several times a year they host themed “movie-weeks”, for example “Arabian Days”, “French-week” and “LGBT-movies

The library also has exhibitions space (gallery)of photos and paintings presentation.

In 2010 Library cooperated with the Polish Embassy on a cultural project. There were film shows, photo-exhibitions and literature.

Other cultural projects: Library regularly works on basis are reading groups, discussions groups and different types of lectures.

The library is visited by approximately 1000 persons every day, and it is situated in a busy part of Oslo (there are also many Polish residents in this part of the city).

Other cultural projects: Library regularly works on basis are reading groups, discussions groups and different types of lectures.


the scope of activities and experiences with the implementation of cultural project:

the Polish Club for Photography and Turism is an organization gathering people who share passion for traveling and photography. Its activity was initiated in 2007, and since 2010 the Club is officialy registred as The Polish Club for Photography and Tourism (Den Polske Klubben for Fotografi og Turisme) and consists of about 40 people. The aim of the organization is to develop interests connected to photography, tourism and promotion of leisure activities by organizing meetings, trips, tours, exhibitions and photo presentations.

During the regular meetings of the Club members are preparing lectures on selected topics related to photography, organise internal photo competitions and discussing their work. Professional photographers are also invited to join our meetings to talk about their work, present photos and participate in discussions. As a part of tourist activities the Club often organizes trips, during which outdoor photo sessions and workshops are organised. Club has also organised several open courses and photography workshops, which attracted a lot of participants.

Club members’ works are presented on a growing number of exhibitions in Oslo. In 2010, the Club took part in a festival of national minorities ERAS, showing the exhibition “Polish people in Norway”. In subsequent years, the exhibitions were organized on various topics, “Poland, that what we are missing”, “Traveling”, “Norway”, which can be seen in galleries, libraries, the Polish Home and on the subway station in Oslo.

Club plans for the coming years is to continue its members development together with organising course, workshops and exhibitions for wider audience.


the scope of activities and experiences with the implementation of cultural project:

Barne-og Ungdomssenteret pa Homlia AS is an institution working in the field of youth and children free time activities (in order to give them a chance for cultural and artistic development). It act on the department basic: film, photography, theatre, ect. Within the project: “Norwegian – Polish Academy of Film and Photography” there will be film – TVproduction section (Mediaverksted) cooperating. Mediaverksted was grounded in 1993 and has a great experience in youth work (it runs regular film workshops for youth from the region) as well as experience in TV and film production. Between 2003 and 2005 Barne-og Ungdomssenteret pa Homlia AS took part in film project done in Poland by Filmforum (polish partner of the project).

In the youth work Mediaversted cooperates with institutions that support children andfamily: (Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs, Statens barne- og familievern), in film with Norwegian Film Institute i NRK (Norwegian Broadcast Corporation).