Program 2015

16.08 / Sunday evening Arrival (for participants from Poland)
Day 1 (17.08) Morning: Participants registration/introduction to workshop, introduction lecture by Damian and Chris, participants presentations. Individual work and choosing of subject.
Day 2-5 (18-21.08) Morning lecture/presentations, individual work, evening consultations/critiques
Day 6 (22.08) Final critiques, presentation preparation, final slideshow presentation. Workshop summary and dinner.
Day 7 (23.08) Trip to Horten – Photography Day in Museum of Photography (not obligatory).

Lecture sessions will include talks concerning inspirations, storytelling, reading, taking, choosing, editing photographs with a special focus on photography of environment (architecture and landscape) and humans in surroundings.

Workshop will also include working sessions in small groups with teaching photographers in the city.

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