Project objectives

– cultural education: getting new skills and competences in photography and film making as a tool for inter-cultural dialogue

– strengthening the participation of youth in culture – giving them new possibilities for artistic expression with the use of new technical solutions

– presentation of Polish culture in Norway and Norwegian in Poland in order to strengthen the understanding of cultural diversity and strengthening inter-cultural dialogue

– strengthening of bilateral relations between partners – experience exchange.

Project is a chance for breaking a barrier, created by economic status differences between Poland and Norway. The participants will work together in order to be creative and get know the country of partner.

Project teaches Poles about their multicultural history (not known) and discovers it for Norwegians. Project lets to document the German and Jewish history in Wielkopolska and helps to start the discussion about cultural heritage. Workshops in Norway will give an input into the intercultural dialog and will take part in a discussion about pros and cons of immigration policy and its consequences for multicultural society of Norway

Films and photos will be done with professional supervision (artists from both countries). High level of technology and artistic value is guaranteed as well as use of modern forms and trends. It will promote positive image and good relationships between both courtiers

Geographical scope of the project: Norway and Poland (national scale recruitment of participants and events – workshops, exhibitions, lectures, presentations and film retrospectives. Events within the frame of workshops will take place in Norway (Deichmanske Bibliotek in Oslo, Barne –og Ungdomssentetet in Oslo, outdoor photo places Jotunheimen, Hardangervidda, Stavanger, Rjukan) and in Poland (cultural centers in Wielkopolska cooperation with Jarocin XXI and Polish partners (Filmforum in Mazowsze and Stowarzyszenie In-ni in Śląsk Region).